Body Mind Therapy

My Approach

Gestalt therapy is based on heightening your awareness in the present moment so that you can choose new ways of relating to others and your environment. Using creative means, I can help you to shift toward a more intuitive present-centred life.

Talk therapy is too simple a term for my approach – I work with the body and mind as they are interconnected. We will pay attention to the sensations in your body as well as your thoughts and ideas about things that are important to you. Since anxiety, depression and other persistent difficulties involve both mental interpretations and the nervous system’s reactions, working in this way provides a basis for change that you can feel.

In the Gestalt process, there is an emphasis on gaining confidence in what you want for yourself rather than imposing other’s ideas of what you ‘should’ be doing. Overall you will find this experience creative rather than instructive. As the process unfolds, you may:

  • Enhance your awareness of your interests, responsibilities and choices
  • Settle unfinished business and let go of what is ready to be released
  • Experience life with greater spontaneity and flexibility

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Gestalt Therapy with Simone Moir

  • Individual $180 per/50min (incl. HST)
  • Sliding scale $150+ please inquire

Yoga and Meditation Instruction with Simone Moir