Yoga For Anxious Times

with Simone Moir
(4 weeks) November 5-26, 2012
7:45pm-9:15pm $100 +HST
Contact: 647.240.4104 or

Just relax and take a deep breath. Who hasn’t heard this before? When your thoughts are racing with “If only” and “What if”, your shoulders are up by your ears, your heart is pounding, sleeping has been replaced by pacing and your world is shrinking by the minute, taking this sound advice becomes more than a little bit daunting.

This is course is for anyone who feels the effects of living in an accelerated time. It is equally suited to those people who find themselves perilously perched on the edge of panic. In this workshop series, you will be introduced to yoga practices that cool the nervous system by replenishing a healthy flow between energized and relaxed states of being. We will identify the elements of the yoga practice that are particularly useful for application in your daily life and pay special attention to the physical and psychological armouring that accompany sensations and the breath when anxiety, stress and insomnia are present.